Graphica Book Series

Graphica 1 and Graphica 2 consists of unique and unusual color illustrations created using Mathematica. The creation of the illustrations was made possible by the use of the symbolic computation capabilities of Mathematica, combined with its numeric and graphic routines.

These unique and beautiful books are both an inspiration and a reference work for designers, artists, and architects--as well as for people working in computer graphics, scientific visualization, electronic media design, and mathematics.

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"In the hands of artists...Mathematica has become a springboard to a new world of illustrative power."
--Communication Arts

"Aristotle contended that 'the mathematical sciences particularly exhibit order, symmetry, and limitation; and these are the greatest forms of the beautiful.' Physicist Michael Trott proves the philosopher's theory using Mathematica, Wolfram Research's lauded technical software. His dizzying images are collected in Graphica 1"

"Who says art and science don't mix? Two physicists--Michael Trott from Germany and Russian Igor Bakshee--have proven otherwise. They used Mathematica, a visualization and modeling tool used by engineers, mathematicians, and scientists, to create startling images that are at once amazingly complex and beautifully simple."
--Applied Arts

"The books are an excellent reference work for designers, artists, and architects--as well as people working in computer graphics, scientific visualization, and web page design."
--R&D Magazine

"The art of Graphica will sometimes look like the creations of a human artist and sometimes like a familiar system in nature....So, as with all mathematical art, what is presented here is a combination of the fundamental beauty of mathematical principles and the imagination of the artists."
--Computer Shopper UK

"Quantum has always striven to emphasize the importance of different modes of thinking and to draw connections between the seemingly disparate worlds of art and science. This image, created by Michael Trott using Mathematica software, goes one step further, obliterating the boundaries between those two worlds."